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  Jilin Auto Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is a private enterprise specializing in manufacturing industrial automation equipment based on precision machinery.

  The company's main project is to provide non-standard automation equipment and assembly tooling and position tools for the automotive parts industry, such as production, testing and assembly. The company also has the ability to independently design, develop and manufacture a complete set of flexible or non-flexible automatic assembly lines. The company is committed to expanding the application field of factory automation, providing the best cost-effective automation equipment and providing a full range of technical solutions.

  The company's main customers include: Continental Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., Ottoliffe Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd., Enfu Oil Seal Co., Ltd., Changchun Fuwei-Johnson Auto-control Automotive Accessories System Co., Ltd., Boze Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., FAW East Engineer Shock Absorber Co., Ltd.

  We uphold the enterprise concept of customer success and efficiency first, all from customers, all for customers, and achieve win-win situation.

  At present, the company has formed an excellent team with technology as the guide, precision processing as the backing, and fast service as the support. We will make progress with our partners with full enthusiasm, sincere attitude and courage to challenge.

Jilin Auto Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

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